About Us

Mother and her child together with pharmacistsForest Hill Pharmacy ceaselessly innovates in the way products and services are provided to customers. We want to ensure that you get the best service there is time after time so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

To us, you deserve the best! We only acquire medications and supplies from trusted brands and manufacturers. We have built a trust-based relationship with our suppliers too – you can rely on us to source the medications and medical supplies you need from suppliers who share our commitment in providing quality patient care services.

Forest Hill Pharmacy is proudly founded by Kobe Bonsu, a well-known and well-loved pharmacist in the Forth Worth community.


Pharmacy Director/ Pharmacist in Charge

ownerKwabena Bonsu aka “KOBE BONSU” holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from KN University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He also holds Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas and a board registered pharmacist in the state of Texas.

He completed his dissertations in Geriatric Pharmacy practice and diabetic care and counseling. He interned at Baylor All SAINTS Hospital in Fort Worth Texas.

With his educational research and patient-to-pharmacist experience, Kobe Bonsu has over 16 years of professional Pharmacy practice in and around Dallas and Fort Worth area.

He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and delivers on his promises.

Meet him personally when you visit Forest Hill Pharmacy or schedule a consultation.